In brief Regenerative medicine is a brand new and upcoming domain in medical treatment of all Degenerative conditions and involves mainly Targeted Nutrition,Therapeutic lasers Preventive Measures & in some cases Stem cell therapy. Nonsurgical Advanced pain management solutions leading to….. life with no pain Before we enter into the wonderful world of lasers let us study few facts of pain management in just a few cases. Even though chronic neck, back and knee pain are very common ailments, they are very very costly ailments. In many they take away the quality of life and professions too. Majority want nonsurgical solutions. Unfortunately the present conventional nonsurgical procedures like pain killers, local steroid injections, physiotherapy and other unconventional systems are not effective. Millions of patients are desperate and looking for some viable solutions. More than 95% can be managed non surgically as per USA figures. In India it is still more. WHAT TO DO? WHERE TO GO?

The failure of conventional medicine lies in its heavy emphasis on prescription medications with a complete disregard for the body own innate ability to heal. Most physicians are still evaluating and treating pain based on outdated research, masking symptoms while failing to treat the underlying cause.

All these years medical science focused mainly on biochemical processes and to some extent electromagnetic processes only for diagnostic, curative and research purposes.. We never looked at quantum processes of the body which are vital and real code of all cellular processes. Therapeutic lasers have cracked this code and helped us to look beyond symptoms and to the real cause of disease. This is the basis of all healing and long term change.